How many times in a day can a therapist say the word ‘Water’?

Having seen first-hand, the profound effect water can have on the body, I might be a nag, but I’m a well-intentioned one!!

I had a client whose back was almost unworkable.  Every time you slid over a muscle, it seemed to recoil.  I did what I could and then consulted with my trainer, who has always made herself available for questioning.  Her words ‘his muscles could be fatigued or dehydrated, do some NMT work on them & ask about fluid intake.’

So, when I came across this similar effect on another client, I started questioning about fluid intake & was greeted with talk of energy drinks & lots of driving on top of a very physical job.  Seemed to match the bill based on the information I’d been given.  After the client left, having expressed the importance of water, he vowed to drink more fluid.  For him, this would be in the form of flavoured still water (a hell of a lot better than energy drinks).

On his return a month later, he bounced through the door “The best advice I’ve ever been given.” He’d followed the advice & could already feel the significant difference in his back; it didn’t hurt like it had before, he felt generally better in himself and was overall less achy.   The difference was also a surprise to me.  Yes, I believed my advice to be true, but to the extent that it was – WOW!

But think about it; the body is made up, on average, of approx. 60% water.

Lungs 83%, Kidneys 79%, Brain & heart 75%, Muscles 75%, Skin 64%, Bones 31%.

Wonder why you find it hard to concentrate?  Wonder why you ache?  See what difference a day of good hydration makes….

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