We can be quick to act upon illness, but are seldom proactive in preventing it.

Make yourself a priority & give your Body a Boost!


Reiki, like all energy, works in frequency, where particles vibrate.  Most people cannot see Reiki, but it can be seen by Kirlian Camera, for which certain energy ports (chakras) in the body appear at higher frequencies than the rest of the body.

Benefits of Reiki


How often do you get the time to spend sat or lying down, whilst someone else pampers you? Escape the day to day formalities & treat yourself.

Self Healing

Reiki acts as a restart button. Once your energy pathways are clear, it allows your body to function at an optimum level, ultimately enabling your body to self heal & reach homeostasis more efficiently.

Heightens Intuition
& Awareness

The Third Eye Chakra is predominant in your intuitive mind. As this is one of the Chakras we work with, it can result in changes to your intuition, sometimes like a light switch has suddenly been turned on.


As Reiki relaxes your body & mind, blood pressure may drop & existing conditions may reduce in intensity. Allowing yourself to slow down, means your body has time to heal. As energy blockages can sometimes cause physical conditions, it may be that once cleared & positive energy is invited in, you start to feel more well. This may continue for a number of days following your treatment, so it is important to be kind to yourself & drink plenty of water.

Relieves Stress
& Anxiety

Reiki helps to clear both physical & emotional imbalances, by clearing energy pathways & allowing energy to flow more freely. ‘Stuff’ that no longer serves you can be released (commonly presenting as an emotional release) & you may be able to see things more clearly.


If you have energy blockages, it is highly likely that both your physical & emotional energy can be imbalanced, resulting in fluctuation, leaving you unsure of why one minute you’re bouncing off the walls & the next you’re exhausted & low. Rebalancing your energy through your Chakras can help with this shift & leave you feeling more stable.

Restores Connection
& Grounding

Reiki can sometimes leave people feeling very floaty. This may be because you feel more connected to the universe. It is important that you take steps to reground yourself (which you can discuss with your practitioner), to ensure that you remain grounded with Mother Earth & all of nature’s gifts.

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