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What is Reiki?

Understanding Reiki’s origins & how it works.

Rei – Universal (meaning all the Wisdom and knowledge of the Universe)
Ki – Life-Force Energy

Reiki was originally introduced to the world by Dr Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926), a Japanese Buddist, who after years of studying, was able to access and use this healing energy.  Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Spiritual healing energy) was a method he devised in his later years, which became known in short as REIKI.  Usui was able to pass his wisdom onto others through attunement and sharing his methods of self-healing and the principles of Reiki.

Reiki, like all energy, works in frequency, where particles vibrate.  Most people cannot see Reiki, but it can be seen by Kirlian Camera, for which certain energy ports (chakras) in the body appear at higher frequencies than the rest of the body.

Someone attuned to Reiki is able to channel the Energy through themselves and in to the person receiving the treatment.  This then works at a cellular level, to effectively reset cells to function at the correct frequency.  Because this is resetting your body’s cells, it is restoring the body’s ability to self-heal, which may otherwise have been inhibited.  Think of it as using a Defibrillator to help shock a heart back to a steady rhythm.

Within our bodies, we have energy tracks which relate to different systems.  Much like we have different organs which, when functioning together, form a specific system of the body, eg. the digestive system comprising of the mouth, oesophagus, stomach and intestines, which help to break down, digest and absorb the nutrients from our food.
We also have pathways of energy which allow the Universal (Rei) Life-Force Energy (Ki) flow throughout our body.  Imagine them as a London underground map within the body (although a lot more calm!)  These pathways are called Meridians.

These meridians are all connected to energy ‘ports’ within our body, known as Chakras.  Chakras filter energy into and out of the body.  When they are working well, they have a partially permeable barrier which allows positive energy in and releases waste / toxic energy.  Think of the lungs allowing the absorption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide.

Chakras and Meridians each play a part in the wellness of the body, responsible for specific areas and emotions.

When these chakras do not function effectively, they can become blocked, not allowing the flow of energy (Ki) to move as it should in and out of them.

Chakras can completely close – blocking waste / toxic energy inside the body and stopping positive energy from entering.  Likewise, they can go the completely opposite way and open so much that we become vulnerable to ALL energies; good and bad.

When energies build up, they can become stale and cause problems along the pathways.  (A broken down train blocking one of the lines).  This has a negative impact on the rest of the pathways (meridians) and can hastily cause a range of unwelcome symptoms; low mood; headaches; sickness; aches and pains; digestive issues, to name but a few.

If left untreated, these energies can become damaging and potentially result in more serious illness.

Reiki acts as a restorative treatment, to encourage healthy flow of energy back to the body and mind, by naturally flowing to the areas that need healing – much like oxygen flows to respiring muscles during a workout.  Once the Universal energy has been channelled throughout your body, it activates the natural healing process within our bodies and allows the restoration of balance and harmony.
Suppose we call this process a ‘healing event’.  During this healing event, stagnant energy is shifted to allow a healthy energy flow, which can sometimes present as an emotional or physical release.  For example, someone who has been holding onto hurt for a long time, may feel emotional as their body starts to release what has been burdening them, or the sensation of popping bubbles in their tummy, where the hurt may have manifested.

Ultimately, Reiki is the restoration of clear energy pathways throughout the body and the activation of our body’s instincts to reach an equilibrium, known as Homeostasis.

Reiki is an opportunity to relax the body and mind and spend some time allowing you to ‘be’ in the moment of a serene and safe bubble, knowing that you are allowing something truly divine to happen – you are allowing yourself to be well.

What should I expect during my treatment?

Reiki can be either a hands on or hands off treatment, and can be done in person, or remotely, using Distance Reiki – which is especially useful during the crazy times we live in.

All treatments start with a consultation, where we will discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and the process itself.

You will be asked to lay or sit comfortably and will be offered a blanket to keep you warm.  If you are opting for a Distance healing treatment, I would request that we agree a time that you are able to relax and be in the moment.  Although distance healing can be sent at any time, I prefer to send healing, knowing that the person is with me in the moment and can feel for any subtle changes, so we can consult afterwards.

Some music will be playing, as I find it helps you to relax and also helps me focus during the treatment.

If you wish to meditate during the treatment, you are welcome to do so.

I will perform a chakra cleanse, by holding a dowsing crystal / pendulum above each major chakra of your body.  At this stage, it may be necessary to use the support of crystals or essential oils, but this will be discussed with you in advance.  You need do nothing, except relax and focus on your breathing.

Once your chakras are cleared, I will perform a Bioscan.  This is where I run my hand above your body and feel for any hotspots, which signify an area which may need work.

Once this is complete, I will ask permission to place my hands on your shoulders and for you to take 3 deep breaths.  I will also take 3 deep breaths.

Starting at your head, I will place my hands on or above your body and gradually work down towards your feet in various positions, holding the positions for a number of minutes.  During this time, you may feel different sensations, for example changes in temperature or tingling.  Occasionally, during a release, you may feel emotional.  This does happen and you will have a tissue placed in your hand.  It is best to let these feelings just come and go as they do, after all this is your body doing what it does naturally and releasing anything that does not serve you anymore.  Perhaps see it as a detox of emotions.

The treatment will last approximately 60 minutes.

At the end of the session, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your Reiki treatment.

If you are receiving a Distance healing, I perform exactly the same processes, but in place of you, I can use either a photo of you, a prop, or can perform the Reiki on myself, as if I were you.  We can arrange a phone/ video call after the treatment, to discuss anything, should you wish to.

What about after the treatment, how will I feel?

Post treatment, it is important to drink plenty of water and allow emotions to come and go.  Emotional releases can be very tiring, so staying warm and getting plenty of rest is very important and also supports your body’s ability to restore balance.

Some people feel no different after a Reiki treatment, but others it can have a real physiological effect which can last some days.  It could be a kick start of energy or a levelling off of excess energy.  Also, with this can come the release of emotions that no longer serve you.  Know that they will pass and this is your body’s way of releasing them.

Sometimes emotions are attached to physical pain, which is not surprising being that episodes of stress or tension can have a direct impact on our nervous systems.  Therefore, short term aches and pains may highlight themselves (including headaches). Generally these only lasts up to 3 days, but may take a little longer if this has been a long-term issue for you (ensure you drink plenty of water to help flush out any unwanted side effects).  Likewise, with the release of overwhelming emotions; aches and pains may well disappear.

If you are at all concerned, do not be afraid to contact your GP for advice.


If I have a medical condition, can I still be treated?

All treatments are subject to a pre-appointment consultation, to ensure that there are no contra-indications and it is safe to treat you.

Pregnancy – Reiki is safe during pregnancy, although you must be past the first trimester.

If you have any medical conditions, you should discuss these during the consultation.  You may be asked a few details about your condition and how you manage it.  I am not a medical professional, so if I need time to consult with my insurance company or do some research into your condition, I will advise you.  Ultimately, my priority is to ensure you are kept safe and well.

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