We can be quick to act upon illness, but are seldom proactive in preventing it.

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Treatments & Prices

Massage and Reiki Treatments available from Body Boost Therapy.

Treatments available

Swedish Massage
£40 / £45

Choice of relaxing or uplifting full body massage (to your desired pressure). A lovely all-rounder, to promote general wellbeing, which involves a variety of soft, long, kneading, light, rhythmic and tapping moves. Relax. Escape the kids. Escape the jobs

60 / 75 mins

Deep Tissue / Fundamental Remedy Treatments

Aimed at those with reoccurring muscular issues. This is a combination treatment I have devised to support people needing specific work for aches, pains & various ailments. Session 1: 15 mins consultation, assessment & optimum treatment selection, 45 min treatment. Further sessions are 60 min treatments. Treatments can be one or a combination of: Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Warm Bamboo, Aromatherapy & Swedish Massage

60 mins

Aromatherapy Massage
£45 / £55

Body massage, using pre-blended aromatherapy oils. Your choice of Energising, Relaxing, Anti-stress or to Relieve aches & pains. A truly wonderful treatment, which will continue to have effect even after you’ve left

60 / 75 mins

Pregnancy Massage

A lovely way to begin your relationship with baby. Spend the time relaxing and being pampered with a massage to help with the aches and pains and extra stress on your joints and allow your worries to float away. Calm mummy; Calm baby. NB. You must be through the first trimester

50 mins

Mini Treatments

Back, neck and shoulders massage (to your desired pressure). Relax. Escape the kids. Escape the jobs.

Time for you – 30 mins

* * *
Seated in a specially designed chair, leaning forward & fully supported. Back, neck & shoulders massage to your desire pressure. This treatment can be over the top of clothing or for more pressure, using oil directly on the skin. Especially good for those who may be new to massage & would like a taster or those who are short of time

45 mins

Hot Stone Massage
£45 / £55

Beautiful warming body massage, with extra time spent on tired feet and ‘knotty’ backs, as required. Hot stones enable a treatment 10 times more effective, to help warm muscles and relax the body and mind, with cold stones also available to aid the removal of the toxins from the body. This is massage, not stone placement

60 / 75 mins

Warm Bamboo Massage
£45 / £55

Beautiful warming Bamboo Body Massage that works more effectively due to the additional heat of the bamboo, melting the muscles into submission. This can be a relaxing massage, or a deeper tissue treatment, but the results can be phenomenal. Due to the nature of the stretches performed on the fascia of the muscles, this treatment can be especially good for those with lots of aches and pains, particularly those suffering with conditions like Fibromyalgia.

60 / 75 mins

Couples Massage

What better way to have a treat, than together. Both you and your plus1 get to build your own personalised treatment plan. Prices start at £90 & are based on a 60 minute Swedish massage with choice of music & lighting. Add-ons: Massage type, timings, drinks on arrival, parting gifts. This makes a wonderful gift for a special occasion – Weddings, Engagement, Mother’s / Father’s day, Expectant parents, Valentines, Birthday, Christmas. Whatever the occasion, you can experience this tailored treatment in twos – all gender combinations welcome.

60 mins

Indian Head Massage

You will be surprised at how relaxed you can feel sat in a chair! Upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face massage, using a choice of oils, that will aid the treatment, smell lovely and are nourishing for your hair. Perfect for computer users or those suffering with frequent tension headaches / migraines / sinus troubles.

45 mins

Body Boost Fusion

Build your own personalised treatment plan, based on your favourite elements.

90 mins

(please allow additional time for longer consultation)

Reiki Healing

Beautiful energy clearing & healing to promote all round wellness & kickstart the body’s own self healing abilities.

60 mins

Can't find what
you want?

All massages can be tailored to an individual’s needs. I haven’t listed ‘Foot Massage’ or ‘Abdominal Massage’ etc individually, because the lists would be endless. However, I can work with you to design your bespoke treatment. Please just ask.

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If you would like to keep a copy of our latest Body Boost Therapy Pricelist effective 01/10/2021, please click here to download.

Important information
At time of booking, you will be asked some health questions.  This is done for YOUR safety and wellness.  It may be that your GP can advise on how massage may affect any health conditions.  If this is the case, then you may be asked to get a letter from your GP confirming that there is no reason why you should not receive a treatment.

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