Is there a wonder why with 17,000 nerve endings & touch receptors in the palm of the hands, that touch can release the happy hormone?  With the field size of receptors on the back, isn’t it great that a back massage can trigger such a positive chain of events: increase in happy hormones, increase in […]

Covid-19! Live & Let Live!

Some people believe in getting vaccinated & some don’t.  Everyone has a choice & everyone has a reason. When you come for a treatment, I will ask the Covid questions of you, it doesn’t mean that I believe you should or shouldn’t have the vaccination.  I believe in freedom of choice. For your reference, I […]


How many times in a day can a therapist say the word ‘Water’? Having seen first-hand, the profound effect water can have on the body, I might be a nag, but I’m a well-intentioned one!! I had a client whose back was almost unworkable.  Every time you slid over a muscle, it seemed to recoil.  […]

Dry Needling vs Acupuncture. What’s the difference?

It’s a question I’m often asked, although at present, I don’t offer either. Dry Needling is often performed as part of a Sports / Rehabilitation treatment.  It works on relieving pain & tightness through trigger point work.  Needles should be left in for only a few minutes and not many of them! Acupuncture aims to […]